Barbershop Quartet

Norfolk, VA

Picture of the quartet. L-R: Dave Haines (Bari), Doug Price (Bass), David Bennett (Lead), Bill Byrd (Tenor)
L-R: Dave Haines (Bari), Doug Price (Bass), David Bennett (Lead), Bill Byrd (Tenor)

Formed in February 2003 to support the Commodore Chorus' Singing Valentines campaign, 3dB has been singing up a storm ever since! Their many performances have included weddings, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, military reunions, fraternal organization social events, church functions, and the City of Suffolk, VA Grand Illumination in December 2011. They have also competed in the Mid-Atlantic District’s Southern Division contest and at the International Preliminary contest level.

3dB (dB = decibel) has been defined as “the half power point of an electronic amplifier stage at which the output power has dropped to half of its mid-band level.” While a 3dB loss results in half the original power, a 3dB gain results in virtually DOUBLING the power! Unfortunately, that has nothing to do with this quartet’s name. The members of 3dB are:

Lead David Bennett
Bass Doug Price
Baritone Dave Haines
Tenor Bill Byrd

-- thence "3Ds and a B"
{They're thinking of changing Bill's name to Darrel!}

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Telephone: (757) 450-0269

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